Become the confident English speaker



Activate your passive knowledge

and build new phrases and words

into the existing knowledge structure.

Tailor-made courses to address your unique needs and wants. Are you frustrated because you don’t speak English as well as your colleagues or friends? Are you dissatisfied because your learning curve has flattened out? Individual online classes with our method and unique approach will help you to get to your DESIRED goals FAST.

Are you tired of spending money on courses where you…
…can’t schedule and reschedule classes so you skip them often and feel guilty?
…always have a feeling that the other group members are better than you?
…don’t seem to learn the words, structures and phrases you need and want?

I totally get you. The truth is, it is very difficult to align the needs and wants of several different people. We learn English for different reasons, and we all face different challenges during the process of learning. Standardized group courses use the same course books for all the learners and follow the same pattern. That’s why they have failed many learners.

In our school English 2GO, all classes are individual, and we design them to meet your UNIQUE NEEDS and WANTS.

We also give you the opportunity to schedule and reschedule classes when it SUITS YOU BEST. Generating results has never been FASTER.

Aleksandra Milovanović

Professor of English Language and Literature

Hello learners! My name is Aleksandra Milovanović, and I’ve been teaching English for more than ten years now. So far, I have taught business courses, vocational courses and specialized courses in many renowned companies. The idea I had in mind when establishing English 2GO was to develop a methodology and approach that generate results fast. Our mission is to help learners boost their confidence when communicating in English. We want to provide a unique experience for you by recognizing HOW you learn and WHAT you need to learn.

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